All right, admittedly, MP3-wise there's not so much on the world wide web so far:
an early recording of "Caballo" can be found at the Motorwolf site,
from their very very cool "Motor Rock Vol.1" compilation CD.
(Yes, that looks scary, but hell yeah, they are kosher.)

But hey! Didn't someone put up a MySpace-page at some point?
Hell, we might be famous by now, without us knowing it! And there's two songs there.
All right, here you go...


Meanwhile, you can also have a look at these: 

HERE's a handful of photos of the Raving Bonkers going wild at a frat party;
THIS is what the famous Grunnen Rocks site has to say;
THIS informs you that the Raving Bonkers are on a cool Italian compilation;
THIS shows that the Raving Bonkers are on a Popinstituut promo-CD as well...

...and if you can read Italian you might have a look here.  

Photos of The Raving Bonkers playing Paradiso, headlining at De Melkweg, scorching the earth at an outdoors gig - they will follow.
No kidding, we HAVE 'em...

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