This is Anna!

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Hello, my name is Eric and yes, this is my homepage.

I suppose that, since you ended up here, you wanted to know some more about me. Ah well. I'm a musician, I live with my beloved Maaike, little Jessica and two black cats in an apartment full of books and music. I'm collecting weird and cheap old guitars, combo organs, effect pedals, amps etc; I have left some traces in rock'n'roll and I do the official homepage for Dead Moon (from Portland, Oregon), easily the best band one could go and see for an amazing 25 years... You can find out more about my shady rock'n'roll side here, and since all that doesn't pay the rent I have a dayjob in a rehearsal studio: Spod. The illustration on the left was made by Papas. It's from a book called "Mister God, this is Anna", written by Fynn - a book that touched me. Speaking of books: I read, collect and re-read everything that Jeroen Brouwers writes. I have also payed him tribute in a pretty extensive website (in Dutch). Why indeed, this may seem a pretty weird combination...